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    About Us

    Ben Kang Biopharmaceutical (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
    Tel: 0755-26405471
    Fax: 0755-86573069
    E-mail: # @ qq.com
    Company Address: Nanshan District, Shenzhen City Taoyuan Street Tianliao Industrial Zone 9, 2nd Floor, east

    Company profile

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    BenHealth is a company specializing in innovative tools and technology solutions for biopharmaceuticals and cell therapy. Relying on the company accumulated in protein engineering research for many years, reserve a large number of cell immune therapy is expected to modify and improve technology tools, innovative dual specificity antibody drug development, cell culture and cell phenotype control, cells separation and detection based on magnetic beads, and many other aspects. In addition, in the field of AMT/AMNK cell targeting modification, DC technology targeting CTL and TIL research, the benkang biology has also established a series of advanced research and development platforms. It will continuously innovate, improve the quality of output products and technology, and make immunotherapy become accurate and individualized. Our goal is to turn cancer from terminal illness into a chronic disease that can eventually be cured.

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